• We identify where actual and potential losses may occur, and seek to mitigate those losses via a combination of preventative loss control measures, and apprehension of those caught in the act. The methods used to accomplish these goals are varied, and largely depend upon the unique demands of your retail business.
  • We Evaluate and report on the assigned branches and warehouse initiative to control any kind of retail shrinkage which is the main reason for increasing merchandise losses. These include among others, Shoplifting, employee theft, vendor theft, credit card theft, frauds, accounting mistake and administrative errors.
  • We analyze the store’s records continuously to expose any type of internal and external fraud and/or accounts discrepancies, merchandise losses, leading to the losses/shrinkage.
  • We examine internal controls which comprises of the Standard operating procedures, and measures within the business to safeguard its inventory, check the accuracy and reliability of its accounting data, operational efficiency, and adherence to managerial policies.