Our Services

  1. Covert Cameras – We install, maintain and provide personnel to operate covert camera
  2. Overt Cameras – we install hidden camera for investigative assignments
  3. Deployment of the following Loss Control Staff categories—
  • Staff Entrance – the team ensures that client policies are implemented for both internal and external staff
  • Double Checkers – The team supports independent verification and accuracy on administration of physical stock movement against documentation and ensuring adherence to laid down policies and procedures along your organizations’ inventory management process.
  • Camera Room Operators– Their function is the constant monitoring and assessment of criminal activity and staff productivity within your organization. The procedure is monitored via CCTV surveillance and is complimented by direct communication with the management.
  • Dispatch controller – control exiting stocks and merchandise by validating the item description, quantity, quality against the approved release order / receipt.
  • Front End Controllers– this team is placed at the point of sales (POS) to ensure that  random spot checks on purchases  are made, verifying that all products packed are paid for and that legal tender has been used. They also ensure that all cashiers work as per the company policies and procedures.
  • Loss control manager /System controller –They develop and implement procedures for minimizing loss of merchandise, money or company assets thru monitoring of shrinkage work plan and enforcement of all operational policies.
  1. Other services provided
  • Cleaning services – hotels, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, malls, homes, offices, factories etc
  • Manpower – petroleum pump attendant, cashiers and packers, supermarket line attendants, warehouse and manufacturing firm casuals, school subordinate staffs.